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Illustration complimentary Q&A service offered by Strategic Research

Strategic Research is offering a complimentary Q&A service, answering your questions relating to specific marketing or research issues

Neil Armstrong During these testing times, Strategic Research is here to help you start off on the right foot.For a ... +
Illustration article "Faut-il faire des études pendant l'épidémie ?"

(In French) Covid-19 : faut-il faire des études marketing pendant l’épidémie ?

Même si leur volume a réduit depuis le début de la crise, nombre d’études conservent leur raison d’être et leur ... +
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Happy New Year 2020

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Illustration Comment optimiser le prix de son offre

(In French) Comment optimiser le prix de son offre ?

Le meilleur prix pour votre produit ou service ? C’est celui que votre client est disposé à payer. Tout l’enjeu ... +
Illustration Comment réussir ses segmentations marketing

(In French) Comment réussir ses segmentations marketing ?

La segmentation est un des outils marketing des plus puissants. C’est une démarche qui comporte néanmoins de nombreux pièges et ... +
(In French) Case study: comment suivre la santé de ses marques ?

(In French) Case study: comment suivre la santé de ses marques ?

Pour mesurer la santé de ses marques, le Groupe SEB a relevé un défi de taille : concevoir une approche ... +
Illustration Data science Regression

#Data science | Regression: Model Selection and Validation

When analyzing data, we may want to establish the nature of the relationship between two or more variables, as well ... +
Illustration Data science l'ACP

#Data science | Reduce data with Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) allows to  reduce the number of variables of a data set, while preserving as much information ... +
Illustration Quantification of trends and scenario planning - Strategic Research

Amy Webb 12th annual Tech Trends Report

In order to see the future of one technology, you must look at the interconnected future of many technologies. In ... +
Photo Michaël Bendavid, Managing director of Strategic Research

(In French) Parcours client : les Moments de Vérité – Un prisme puissant, mais attention aux pièges !

Interview reproduite avec l’autorisation de Market Research News. © Market Research News - 2019. Pour Michael Bendavid (Strategic Research), le ... +
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Happy New Year!

We wish you a Happy New Year ! ... +
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(In French) Digitaliser les études : un impératif absolu ou un vrai risque pour les entreprises ?

Interview reproduite avec l’autorisation de Market Research News. © Market Research News - Novembre 2018. « Il faut digitaliser les ... +
Illustration Artificial intelligence

Top tweets on everything #IA

#IA Intelligence artificielle et machine learning s’installent durablement dans notre quotidien (link: https://t.co/M2BVKdlTW5) https://t.co/nU4TEWxZJR pic.twitter.com/nVfV9DMtgU — STRATEGIC RESEARCH (@Strat_Research) 20 ... +
Illustration Artificial intelligence

Top tweets on everything #IA

From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In via @NYTimes #AI https://t.co/g8ejZoLKVw — STRATEGIC RESEARCH (@Strat_Research) 27 octobre ... +
Illustration travel

Top tweets on everything #TRAVEL

How TripAdvisor changed travel #travel #TripAdvisor #tourism https://t.co/ss7WN3RqiU — STRATEGIC RESEARCH (@Strat_Research) 17 août 2018 This map shows the extent ... +
Illustration Customer research

Top tweets on everything #CONSUMER #RESEARCH

Consumer behaviour may be influenced by a host of neurobiological factors that science is just beginning to understand. The rise ... +
Illustration Social media

Top tweets on everything #SOCIALMEDIA

More money will be spent advertising on social media networks than on the entire TV ad market within two years, ... +
Illustration retail

Top tweets on everything #RETAIL

When we no longer have to impress the cashier – or fellow shoppers – we can buy what we like ... +
Illustration Innovation

Top tweets on everything #INNOVATION

When companies acquire external knowledge, they need to make sure management attention doesn’t wane. It seems strange to buy something ... +
Illustration Branding

Top tweets on eveything #BRANDING

A truth about strategy: it wasn’t what it is that counts, it’s what you do with it. So many companies ... +
Illustration of Ready to splurge, one segment of short break customer journey

Ready to splurge

Affluent, keen travelers willing and ready to pay for the perfect experience With both partners employed full time, these travelers ... +
Illustration of Wanderlusters, one segments of short-breaks customer journey


Avid travelers looking for deals to see and do as much as they can Free of the pressure kids bring, ... +
Illustration of Family Comforts, one segments of short break customer journey

Family Comforts

Traditional families, focused on time with their kids Family Comforts have one goal in mind for their short break: quality ... +
Illustration of Mature Couples, a segment of short break customer journey

Mature couples

Couples looking for a relaxing getaway Frequently retired, these couples are also concerned with value for money. They want to ... +
Illustration segment Home lovers

Home lovers

Infrequent travelers who tend to stick close to home Home Lovers prefer to go back to places they have been ... +
A segmentation for the short break market

A segmentation for the short break market

National differences are only part of the story. Digging deeper, we saw a different picture emerge, with five broad segments ... +
Illustration on Is the market consolidating or fragmenting

Is the travel market consolidating or fragmenting?

Two companies cover both the entire short break value chain, and the entire short break Customer Journey, from Looking to ... +
Illustration booking activities

A typical short break customer journey in the UK & France

Research process: Inspiration Overall, the Looking and Booking experiences are dominated by digital – although perhaps not as much as ... +
Illustration Regions visited for leisure in last 3 years

Short break preferences in France and the UK

Our research exploring short breaks was carried out in the UK and France. While some market features were common to ... +
Illustration The global travel industry has changed

Digital transformation of the short break travel market

The global travel industry has changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years, thanks to factors such as the rise ... +
Exploring the short break customer journey

Exploring the short break customer journey

Exploring the short break customer journey At Strategic Research, we strongly advocate the use of both segmentation and customer journey ... +
Blue ocean shift video

Blue Ocean shift and Nondisruptive Creation

Renee Mauborgne, co-author (with W. Chan Kim) of BLUE OCEAN SHIFT explains why businesses need to go beyond competing and ... +
Illustration measuring ROI marketing

Top tweets on everything #MARKETING #ROI

Companies spend a lot on marketing communications. In fact, global spending on media is expected to reach $2.1 trillion in ... +
Bob Hoffman at Shift 2016: the delusions of media industry

The costly delusions of the media industry

Bob Hoffman, the American polemicist, details the costly delusions of the media industry at Shift 2016. ... +
Illustration of the customer journey

Top tweets on everything #CUSTOMERJOURNEY

A compelling customer experience has evolved from a nice-to-have to a necessity in many industries. Winners use standout experiences to ... +
Illustration 6 red ocean traps you should know

6 Red Ocean Traps that You Should Steer Clear of

What are the six red ocean traps? Are you caught too? ... +

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

A 2-minute animation on Blue Ocean Strategy, by Harvard Business Review ... +
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Strategic Research Twitter feed Luxury

Top tweets on everything #LUXURY

Le #marketing d’#influence dans le secteur du luxe #LUXE Le #marketing d’#influence dans le secteur du luxe https://t.co/Y7QjBvaiyo via @LesEchos ... +
Illustration conférence Printemps des études, Nespresso, Strategic Research, Sébastien Vazquez

Nespresso renovates its approach selling coffee to companies with Strategic Research

As part of the Printemps des Etudes, which was held April 14th at La Bourse, Sebastián Vasquez, Global Office and ... +
Illustration Plumbing

It’s not just about plumbing

In this post, published November 19, 2015 on the ADN website, Michaël Bendavid, Managing director of Strategic Research, explains that ... +
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Pricing: Technical rigour supporting strong strategic thinking

Read the latest interview with Michaël Bendavid & Ariane Griesbeck in Market Research News, covering: Why do companies conduct so ... +
Illustration White papers

How does Blue Ocean Strategy help elephants run faster?

The last five years have seen exponential growth in the number of startups and “micro-multinationals” – small, lean companies with ... +
Illustration White papers

Seducing GenY

Our study shows that to seduce the next generation of shoppers, brands need to build a convincing and engaging digital ... +
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Happy New Year 2015

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Illustration Customer journey mapping

Understanding Customer Journey Mapping

Innovation Guru Jeneanne Rae speaks at the Parsons New School about customer journey mapping ... +
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Segmentation: no chance of success without a clear vision

Read the latest interview with Michaël Bendavid in Market Research News, covering: When does a segmentation have to be reexamined? ... +
Illustration Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean vs red ocean strategies

Renee Mauborgne, co-founder of the Blue Ocean Strategy, explains in a 6 minutes intervention, what are the main differences between ... +
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More strategic thinking for greater efficiency

Read the latest interview with Michaël Bendavid in Market Research News covering: How can brands become more marketing efficient? The ... +
Illustration Video The consumer decision journey

The Consumer Decision Journey

Consumers are changing the way they research and buy products. Today, their decision-making process is a more circular journey. Your ... +
Illustration video What is marketing ROI?

What is marketing ROI?

This animation explains what Marketing ROI is, how you can calculate it and why it is so important for a ... +
Cover Enjeux Les Echos February 2014

Enjeux Les Echos February 2014

Strategic Research is featured in the February 2014 edition of Enjeux Les Echos, the economic insights magazine published by Les ... +
Illustration White papers

Digital: The consumer strikes back

Our study shows that advertising in traditional media (TV and press) is losing ground to digital. This trend is even ... +
Cover How brands grow, by Byron Sharp

How brands grow, by Byron Sharp

Read it for…. Challenging what you know. This book claims that a number of fundamental marketing rules are simply wrong ... +
Cover Economics Paul Krugman

Economics, by Paul Krugman & Robin Wells

Read it for... The best book for a general overview of economics. What it explains in detail Economics is a ... +
Illustration White papers

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pricing

Consumers today have unprecedented access to price information: thanks to the internet, products and prices can be compared in real ... +
Illustration Six Paths

Six paths

Company brainstorming sessions often result in a host of original ideas that never develop sufficient following to see the light ... +
Strategy Canvas

Strategy Canvas

The strategy canvas is the starting point for a strategy that enables you to break away from traditional competition and ... +
Cover of Decoded by Phil Barden

Decoded, by Phil Barden

Read it for…. Scientific insights from various fields including psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics into the driving forces and underlying ... +
Cover Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne

Read it for…. A “must read”. The central idea: head-to-head competition leads to standardization and lower margins. The solution to ... +
Conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis is rooted in the real world, where customers rarely focus on a single variable, but consider a range ... +
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The anniversary of a singular actor in the landscape of market research: Strategic Research

Read the latest interview with Michaël Bendavid in Market Research News (in French), covering: Strategic Research’s DNA Issues the firm ... +
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