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Seducing GenY

How the next generation of French consumers thinks, behaves & shops

Thumbnail White paper Seducing GenYOur study shows that to seduce the next generation of shoppers, brands need to build a convincing and engaging digital presence. Gen Y consumers are at once more open and more wary shoppers than their Gen X equivalents. They are prepared to engage meaningfully with – and buy from – brands who offer a great experience, online and offline. But these brands must also inspire trust by taking care of personal data.

Gen Y consumers naturally view communication as a two-way process: they are keen to engage in discussions and share their opinion.  Brands  need to create interesting, relevant content that facilitates “sharing” and takes account of the specificities of each of the main social networks and the stated needs of under 25s to feel informed and share their opinions.

Comparing Gen Y and Gen X shopping behavior through the prism of a customer journey highlights the stages where it may be useful for brands to differentiate strategy, and areas where a one-size-fits-all approach is appropriate.

White paper #2, 2014 – December 2014

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