Accreditations & partnerships

We adhere to the highest possible professional standards in terms of quality, confidentiality and independence. We are a corporate member of the Esomar worldwide organization.

We are also members of The Momentum Effect network, created by INSEAD and Wharton professor Jean-Claude Larréché. This network brings together professionals, consultants and agencies. They are selected for their expertise in their chosen area, and share knowledge, tools and methodologies to help leaders improve their company’s growth.

Michäel Bendavid is a certified Blue Ocean Strategy Practicioner.

We have links that are non-capital, but based on a long-standing working relationship with a number of key partners.

This ecosystem is a key component of our way of working: when we are exposed to a client problem, we seek to put in place the best approach to respond effectively; we are “agnostic” in terms of method, we are only interested in the solidity of the methodological approach and its ability to provide the answers needed by the client.

This openness allows us to master a broad set of approaches and techniques. Even if there are many capabilities available internally, it is often the case that we have recourse to more specialized expertise that allows us to better execute the entrusted mission.

Our regular partners are the following:

Michel Sara, General Manager of ROI\Marketing, with whom we collaborate on topics of marketing effectiveness. We have jointly developed an exclusive approach, the “Touch Point Model” which includes the MCA® tool, brand modules and a workshop to build an integrated communication plan with the client stakeholders. The goal: optimize the allocation of marketing and communication resources to best assist the brand strategy.

Julien Murésianu, co-founder of Jalgos, an expert firm in tailored IA algorithm design and data science. At Jalgos, they are convinced that data holds powerful hidden insights with huge potential to transform businesses and humankind. They believe that a rigorously scientific approach is critical in effectively revealing and harnessing the power of data. The team is dedicated to innovation, mathematical modeling and computer science, organized as an applied research center specialized in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithm design.

Marc Beauvois-Coladon, one of the world’s leading experts in “Blue Ocean Strategy” who actively participated alongside Professors Kim and Mauborgne in the design of the method, before implementing it for many leading clients, in an impressive number of categories and geographies. Marc founded his firm Bleu-Blue in 2014 after an extensive career in strategy consulting.

Jean-Christophe Barre, founder of the qualitative firm Understand. Formerly of Théma and Research International (WPP Group), Jean-Christophe develops an approach to qualitative studies inspired by a desire for applied research, drawing on both marketing theories and the contributions of human sciences. His practice is focused on marketing decision making.


Sophia Aboudrar, founder of the qualitative firm Reps & Co. Ex of Sorgem and Scenarii, Sophia conducts many international studies, and has a deep understanding of the cultures and sociology of numerous countries or geographical areas (Europe, Asia, USA, America Latin, Eastern Europe, Middle East). She has accumulated a noteworthy experience in the world of luxury and beauty. She is familiar with the hospitality, timepiece and organic food sectors.

François-Xavier Labarraque is CEO of Garum Conseil, a consulting firm based in Paris. He is graduated from Sciences Po Paris and Dauphine. He was head of strategy at Radio France from 2009 to 2013. Prior to joining Radio France, he was director at Izsak Grapin & Associates, a management and strategy consulting firm based in Paris, and manager at LEK.



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