Our approach

Methodology is a means to an end: to help you make the right decision

We help our clients make the right decisions

Research can serve a multitude of purposes. We focus on research that helps clients make decisions on subjects crucial to their business.

This focus at Strategic Research can be seen in our:

  • Understanding of client issues
  • Ability to select or devise the right methodology to generate the data essential to a decision
  • Production of outputs geared towards decision-making. These are written in a way that is accessible to all, including general managers and other professionals outside the field of marketing research.

We are at the cutting edge of methodology – without giving in to fads and fashions

At Strategic Research we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and mastery of techniques. We keep an open mind to fresh approaches, taking the best of new ideas while resisting fake innovations.

We are more quantitative than qualitative in our practice. We believe that quantitative research more effectively supports decision-making on a day-to-day basis. But we are not dogmatic and use qualitative research when appropriate. Indeed, qualitative research is sometimes vital to help inspire or understand.

Choice of methodology is clearly important. What is essential in our eyes, however, is the ability to provide our clients with precise answers to their questions. Research is a means to an end, not an end in itself – a point research professionals often lose sight of.

We deliver studies with strong added value for clients

Research has become commonplace, and market research service offers have mushroomed. The result is a market schism between clients who use commodity-type research, and more demanding clients who look for research with real added value.

Strategic Research is positioned to serve these demanding clients, exploring questions that require strong expertise in terms of technique and project design and management.

As such, we tend to build long-term partnerships with our clients. Our philosophy is to go beyond the requirements of a single project to get to the heart of what matters to a business.

We always put together the right team for the job

Our core team is composed of research experts, some of whom have a background in strategy consulting.

Around this core team, we have built an ecosystem of experts, internationally recognized in their area of expertise, who get involved depending on specific project requirements. This wider team includes qualitative research experts, semiologists, ROI specialists, and communications experts.



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