Our story

We help the world’s leading brands make better decisions

Strategic Research is a marketing studies and strategy consulting firm founded in 2004 by Michaël Bendavid, former Vice President of Research International (WPP).

15 years is a long time in terms of the ground we’ve covered, yet short by a historian’s standards. A reminder, then, of why Strategic Research was created.

15 years ago, we noticed that research was becoming commoditized, losing influence and credibility among corporate general management and marketing management teams. The result was that consulting firms were gradually taking over the area of strategic studies, bringing new methods and processes to the table.

Our aim was to offer large clients a partner who fully masters research techniques – because in-depth knowledge of consumers and markets is an essential expertise that remains far-removed from the culture of consultancy – but who is also able to put this expertise to use in solving marketing problems of strategic importance.

The professional background of the people who make up the core team at Strategic Research enabled this synthesis between research and consultancy to come about.

We focus on the subjects that really matter to our clients

The market for studies can be clearly divided into clients who need and use “commoditized” research and clients who are looking for added value, at least for the subjects that matter the most to them. We focus our offer and resources on serving the needs of the most demanding clients.

Strategic Research offers these demanding clients a response to the growing need not only for advanced expertise in research methodologies, but for analyses and findings that directly address company objectives.

We provide research offering high added value, not simply data or reports. Our research is used by corporate general management and marketing management teams.

We help our clients make decisions based on facts, and rigorous analysis.



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