Measuring Touch Point ROI

How effective a marketing channel or touch point is depends on a range of factors, from the product itself, to the profile of the target customer

Even the world’s largest brands must limit and allocate their marketing spend across different channels. That’s why it’s essential to be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of each in relation to specific markets and products. To respond to this challenge, we have developed the Touch Point Model, in partnership with ROI\Marketing.

This exclusive tool analyses the effectiveness of channels used for a market or category and enables the brand to compare the impact of communications initiatives using the same unit of measurement across all touch points, from in-store promotions to a TV ad. It offers the most holistic response to date to the complex question of marketing effectiveness across different channels.

We combine three types of analysis:

  • Sales funnel analysis, to identify at which stage of the sales cycle the brand meets difficulties
  • Brand capital analysis, to assess the brand relative to the competition and set strategic priorities
  • Touch point effectiveness analysis, using the MCA model, an industry standard. This enables you to assess the brand’s ability to pre-empt certain touch points and the price at which it does so. As such, it enables you to select touch points using objective ROI criteria.


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