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Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne

How to achieve profitable growth?

Read it for….

A “must read”. The central idea: head-to-head competition leads to standardization and lower margins. The solution to achieve profitable growth is to move the sector’s boundaries, and create new market spaces in which the company can set its own rules.

What it explains in detail

The book offers both success stories of this alternative strategy and, more importantly, presents the tools needed to achieve this transformation. The tools are well thought out, precise, and their success is confirmed by experience. This is a theory book, born from the authors’ desire to offer a solution to the dilemna posed by Michael Porter, according which companies must choose to be dominated by either costs or by innovation. But it is also a pragmatic guide to implementing breakthrough innovation. From now on, the only barrier to breakthrough innovation is leaders’ fear of leaving their comfort zone.

What we particularly liked

The first three chapters. The mix of theory and practice. The ambition of the approach: we are convinced that innovation is the only “exit upwards” for the economic crises currently ravaging developed countries.



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