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A segmentation for the short break market

Exploring the short break customer journey

National differences are only part of the story.

Digging deeper, we saw a different picture emerge, with five broad segments across both countries displaying similar motivations and behavior.

While the stages involved in a Customer Journey will always be the same, we know that factors such as frequency of travel, available spend and motivations are likely to have a major impact on consumers’ experience of that journey, and how they behave at each stage.

This is why, before analyzing the Customer Journey, we created a segmentation of the short break travel market.

As a reminder, a successful segmentation goes beyond socio-economic stereotypes, combining behaviors, values and attitudes. Its aim is to help companies make strategic decisions, for example on the focus of their growth strategy or optimum brand portfolio mix.

Our segmentation of the short break market, then, aims to highlight the different Customer Journeys taken by each broad consumer type. It is a type of segmentation that could be used to better target marketing spend, for example, or inform a decision on whether the right growth strategy should be to focus on a specific market, or attempt to cover the whole market.

5 types of short break travelers




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Ariane Griesbeck


  • Target: Men and women, residing in the UK and France, 15-65 years old, taken from national representative samples. Quotas set for gender, age, profession of interviewee, region, household size
  • Sample sizes: France: 800 interviewees, UK: 800 interviewees
  • Data collection methodology: Online
  • Data collection dates: January 10th – 25th, 2017
  • Questionnaire length: 21 minutes