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Is the travel market consolidating or fragmenting?

Exploring the short break customer journey

Illustration on Is the market consolidating or fragmentingTwo companies cover both the entire short break value chain, and the entire short break Customer Journey, from Looking to Post-Experience: and Tripadvisor. It should come as no surprise that they dominate the overall Customer Journey.

That said, overall the Booking process remains very fragmented in both countries, with a large number of travel sites, airlines and price comparison sites used to research and book trips. While the market has concentrated in the hands of the two major players, there is little evidence that specialist players are being squeezed out.

This poses the central question for brands: is it better to ape and Tripadvisor and try to extend reach into more countries, more stages of the Customer Journey and value chain? Or become specialized to build a point of difference?



→ A segmentation for the short break market
→ Digital transformation of the short break travel market
→ Short break preferences in France and the UK
→ A typical short break customer journey in the UK & France


Ariane Griesbeck



  • Target: Men and women, residing in the UK and France, 15-65 years old, taken from national representative samples. Quotas set for gender, age, profession of interviewee, region, household size
  • Sample sizes: France: 800 interviewees, UK: 800 interviewees
  • Data collection methodology: Online
  • Data collection dates: January 10th – 25th, 2017
  • Questionnaire length: 21 minutes