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A typical short break customer journey in the UK & France

Exploring the short break customer journey

Research process: Inspiration

Overall, the Looking and Booking experiences are dominated by digital – although perhaps not as much as one might expect, with just over half using a combination of Google searches, online booking platforms and the like before reserving online.

Booking packages and Tripadvisor dominated both countries for Looking and Booking packages and accommodation, with Expedia making a strong showing in the UK, and Accor Hotels in France. Slightly more surprising was the inroads made by sites originally designed to meet travel needs into packages and accommodation: Easyjet, particularly in the UK (24% of Looking for packages), and Voyages SNCF in France (26% of Looking for packages, and 9% for accommodation).

Booking activities: now or later?

In addition, more British travelers tend to book their vacation activities in advance of their trip, although they book fewer activities overall. The most common activity bookings were for restaurants (UK) or a tourist landmark (France).

Illustration booking activities


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Ariane Griesbeck


  • Target: Men and women, residing in the UK and France, 15-65 years old, taken from national representative samples. Quotas set for gender, age, profession of interviewee, region, household size
  • Sample sizes: France: 800 interviewees, UK: 800 interviewees
  • Data collection methodology: Online
  • Data collection dates: January 10th – 25th, 2017
  • Questionnaire length: 21 minutes