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Ready to splurge

Exploring the short break customer journey

Affluent, keen travelers willing and ready to pay for the perfect experience

With both partners employed full time, these travelers have the will and the means to spend almost double the cost of the average short break. They’ve seen and done it all, clocking up air miles as they go, but still have more on the bucket list – Europe, America and Africa. It’s important for this group to immerse themselves in a new culture.

Digital forms part of Ready to Splurge’s lives: they have the most apps by brands, take part in discussions on social media, shop online more than three times a month… and share the high points of their trips on Twitter or Instagram!

Illustration of Ready to splurge, one segment of short break customer journey

The 4 other types of short break travelers

→ Home lovers
→ Mature couples
→ Family Comforts
→ Wanderlusters



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