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Six paths

Channel your creativity

Company brainstorming sessions often result in a host of original ideas that never develop sufficient following to see the light of day. In addition, associated costs are often too high for the idea to be successful in its target market.

In Blue Ocean Strategy, preparation work prior to ideas generation sessions enables brands to identify the areas in which the search for new ideas will be focused. This process channels creativity, thereby significantly improving the chances of identifying relevant and lasting solutions to the issue at stake.

Six paths to a compelling blue ocean

The Six Paths Framework allows managers to address the search risk many companies struggle with. It enables them to successfully identify, from the haystack of possibilities that exist, commercially compelling blue oceans by reconstructing market boundaries:Illustration Six Paths
The Six Paths can be applied to all industry sectors. None of the paths requires special vision or foresight about the future. All are based on looking at familiar data from a new perspective.



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