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A truth about strategy: it wasn’t what it is that counts, it’s what you do with it. So many companies fill out the paperwork without committing themselves to the implications, basically because they don’t want to be locked into anything that’s too “definite” in a world that they perceive as continuously changing.
The problem with that approach is that unless there is a context within which to assess how you operate and what you are working towards, the temptation is always to respond – meaning, often, that brands play by other people’s rules rather than driving and controlling their own market agenda.

Integrated Branding is the use of brand identity, personality, advertising, retail promotions & services, product design, print collateral, website and online marketing, etc. to make your target market associate your particular company with admirable character traits and core values. Integrated branding is also an organizational structure and process that presents a consistent message, image and personality across all marketing efforts. It allows a business and brand to speak with a consistent, unified voice.


Sometimes inspiration for brand strategy comes from unlikely places. In this case, it comes from an interior designer writing for Interiors + Sources magazine. In his article “Listen More, Talk Less,” Tom Marquardt advises his fellow architect and designer readers to resist the temptation of automatically resorting to “the latest big idea” when solving a client’s problem. Instead, he advises you should listen. Tom writes: “Great design stems from creative problem solving that occurs during the process of carrying out a project. However, it only happens after we listen to and truly connect with our clients.”



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