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Exploring the short break customer journey

October 27, 2017

Illustration of Exploring the short break customer journey

Exploring the short break customer journey

At Strategic Research, we strongly advocate the use of both segmentation and customer journey methodologies as a way to understand customer needs and behavior and take the right strategic decisions.

In 2017, we decided to carry out research into the short break market in the UK and France, creating a segmentation for this travel sub market, and exploring the customer journey undertaken by each market segment.

Our aim is to provide food for thought for brands looking to improve their brand mix, optimize their positioning and better target their marketing spend.

What is the short break customer journey?

The short break customer journey involves five stages:

  • Looking
  • Booking of accommodation, transport and activities
  • The time between reservation and departure (post-purchase)
  • The Experience of the trip itself
  • Post-Experience, when the user may share details of their trip with friends.

Our research principally covered the Looking, Booking and Post-Experience stages.



→ Digital transformation of the short break travel market
→ Short break preferences in France and the UK
→ A typical short break customer journey in the UK & France
→ Is the travel market consolidating or fragmenting?
→ A segmentation for the short break market


Ariane Griesbeck



  • Target: Men and women, residing in the UK and France, 15-65 years old, taken from national representative samples. Quotas set for gender, age, profession of interviewee, region, household size
  • Sample sizes: France: 800 interviewees, UK: 800 interviewees
  • Data collection methodology: Online
  • Data collection dates: January 10th – 25th, 2017
  • Questionnaire length: 21 minutes